Lecture Series: Magick is for All

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

OTO Sky-Goddeess Nu ロッジでは、下記の予定で魔術についてのシリーズレクチャーを行います。
OTO Sky-Goddeess Nu Lodge will have a lecture series as the following (see the English text below):

—————— Japanese Version ——————

OTO Sky-Goddeess Nu ロッジ 公開シリーズレクチャー


MAGICK IS FOR ALL _Do It Yourself_ Theory & Practice








  • 講師:  Fr. C.S. (SGN Lodge Master)
  • 内容: What’s Magick? / Why magick is Real? / 宇宙と自分の身体を結ぶツール /座法×呼吸法, etc…
  • 開催日時 4月21日(Sun.) 15:00-17:30 終了いたしました。


  • 講師: Fr. C.S. (SGN Lodge Master)
  • 開催日時: 5月25日(Sat.) 15:00-17:30 終了いたしました。
  • 会場: 新大阪近辺(お申し込み戴いた方には詳細をお知らせいたします。)


  • 講師: Fr. NPSPV (SGN Lodge Secretary)
  • 開催日時: 6月30日(Sun.) 15:00-17:30 終了いたしました。
  • 会場: 新大阪近辺


  • 講師: Fr. C.S. et Fr. NPSPV
  • 内容: Lesser Banishing Ritual of Pentagram, etc…
  • 開催日時: 7月21日(Sun.) 15:00-17:30
  • 会場: 新大阪近辺(お申し込み戴いた方には詳細をお知らせいたします。)
  • 参加費: \3,000- (1ドリンク&資料代込み)
  • 問い合わせ先: sgn.info@otojapan.org (”@”と”.”を半角に変更してください。)

—————— English Version ——————

OTO Sky-Goddeess Nu Lodge Presents: Open Lecture Series on Magick

_Do It Yourself_ Theory & Practice

We will have an open lecture series on magick from April to July as a “Basic Course” of 4 lectures.
It is not only for beginners, but also everyone who has an interest in magick.

  • For a candidate who don’ t know how to do magick, or who don’t go well in magick …
    we will give you knowledge and a vision to start it now.
  • For a magickal student who did n’ t learn magick systematically, or who will learn magick comprehensively & systematically…
    we will give you systematic and comprehensive knowledge and exercises .
  • For a magickian who had an experience of magickal practice …
    we will give you a hint to consider “your magick” or THELEMA.

Please contact us if you interested in.
(The language in these lectures is Japanese. But the English texts are available.)

The First Lecture [MALKUTH: Kingdom] Beginning your magick “now & here”

  • Lecturer:  Fr. C.S. (SGN Lodge Master)
  • Contents: What’s Magick? / Why magick is Real? / Tools connecting with your body and the universe / Asana & Pranayama, etc…
  • Date & Time: Apr. 21 (Sun.) 15:00-17:30 Done.

The Second Lecture [YESOD: Foundation] Expanding your awareness with a power of imagination

  • Lecturer: Fr. C.S. (SGN Lodge Master)
  • Date & Time: May 25 (Sat.) 15:00-17:30 Done
  • Venue: Shin-Osaka area (We will let you know if you contact us.)

The Third Lecture [HOD: Splendor] Synchronizing your body with the universe

  • Lecturer: Fr. NPSPV (SGN Lodge Secretary)
  • Date & Time: Jun. 30 (Sun.) 15:00-17:30 Done
  • Venue: Shin-Osaka area

The Fourth Lecture [NETZACH: Victory] Building your temple & doing a ritual

  • Lecturer: Fr. C.S. et Fr. NPSPV
  • Contents: Lesser Banishing Ritual of Pentagram, etc…
  • Date & Time: Jul. 21 (Sun.) 15:00-17:30
  • Venue: Shin-Osaka area
  • Fee: \3,000- (with 1 drink & texts)
  • Contact Address: sgn.info(a)otojapan.org (replace “(a)” with “@”)

In these months, Nihil Lodge in Tokyo will also have lectures with same themes. Please ask Nihil their schedule if you interested in.

Love is the law, love under will.


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